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Mon, 08/15/2022 - 15:05

This article will reveal what happens in the next episode of the Tamil drama Karthika Deepam. Karthika Deepam spoilers will give you a glimpse of what's coming! This is the story of a young girl who is expecting. Karthik and Deepa aren't getting along very well and Karthik would like to know who the father of the child is.

The story begins with a tailor shop in the village where Deepa and Sourya meet. Deepa is currently undergoing medical treatment. She is back in the city. Her illness has gotten worse and she is now unable to work. Karthik, her father, is forced to bear the burden of caring for two children that are not her. Deepa is devastated to discover that Monitha, her ex-girlfriend, poisoned her mother. She is also worried about the future of her children. Deepa is supported by Soundarya, her sister.

Today's episode of Karthika Deepam will see Deepa finding out the truth about Anji and the villain Mounitha. In the episode, Deepa accidentally meets Mounitha and learns her true identity. This episode is jam-packed with action, cliff-hangers, and emotional drama. If you missed the previous episode, don't worry! Here's what you can expect in the next episodes. Be sure to read the spoilers prior to watching the episode.

In the episode of Karthika Deepam, Deepa and Karthik relocate to a rural village. They meet the money lender Rudrani. While he is there, he tortures Kotesh and Srivalli Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written. Meanwhile, Deepa and Karthik adopt Monitha's son Anand. They also adopt their son Anand who is taken care of by two thieves who are small-time. Meanwhile, Prem is a photographer and lives with Swapna. He is also not back from America as of yet. Prem is unaware that Sourya is his sister.

Indian households have made soaps on an integral part of their lives. They are available in many languages including Telugu. They are beloved by the masses and appear on the television screens for a long time. Karthika Deepam is a prime example of a Telugu soap. The Telugu drama's story follows the character's life during an episode that defines an period. In the modern world the concept of love is blind. It's not a surprise that the show has been so prominent for so many years.

The story of Karthigai Deepam is very old. Although the scriptures don't mention the origins of the event directly in the Bible, earlier writings and poetry have also referenced it. The Sangam period's Ahananuru is one of the most prestigious collections of poetry, and Avaiyyar is also a notable woman from the time. These are the most significant facts about Karthika Deepam's history. These books are an excellent way to find out more about Karthigaideepam.

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