Keychron K1 vs Keychron K8

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Thu, 11/04/2021 - 15:35

Keychron has two options for Tenkeyless mechanical keyboards, the Keychron K1 and Keychron K8. The K8 has a standard profile, while the K1 has low profile.

TL;DR: For low profile go for Keychron K1. For a more feature packed keyboard, go for the Keychron K8. With the K8 you get

  • a hot-swapable keyboard
  • a configurable keyboard angle. So you get 3 different angles.
  • a protective cover when the keyboard is not in use.

Update: Starting from v5 the Keychron K1 is also hot-swapable.


Both keyboards can

  • connect to multiple devices
  • work both in wired and wireless mode
  • have RGB backlight
  • supports Mac and Windows OS.

Hight adjustment

Keychron K1: Unfortunately, the Keychron K1 does not have an adjustable hight.

Keychron K8: The Keychron K8 has 2 legs providing two additional hight configurations.

Buttons location

Both keyboards provide 2 buttons:

  • OS Mode: Windows and Mac
  • Connection mode: Off/Bluetooth/Cable

However, the buttons on the the Keychron K1 are at the front of the keyboard, while on the Keychron K8 the buttons are on the right side of the keyboard.

USB type C

Both keyboard provide cable connection and charging via USB Type C. The port on the Keychron K1 is at the front, while on the K8 it is at the back, next to the buttons.


The Keychron K1 has a flat and low and uniform profile while the Keychron K8 has a OEM profile.

Cap lock & Battery status

Keychron K1: The battery status and cap lock light are located next to the Escape button.

Keychron K8: The battery status and cap lock light are located above to the Arrow buttons.

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