A Comparison of Keychron C1 Pro and Keychron V3 Keyboards

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Sat, 06/17/2023 - 14:33

Summary table

Features Keychron C1 Pro Keychron V3
Tenkeyless Layout
Wired Connectivity
QMK/VIA Support
Switch Options K Pro Red, Brown K Pro Red, Brown, Blue
Knob Version No Yes
Keycap Profiles(Preassembled) OEM OSA
Color Options Black Carbon Black, Frosted Black (Translucent)
Variants Preassembled Fully assembled with/without knob, Barebone with/without knob

When it comes to mechanical keyboards, Keychron has established itself as a popular brand known for its quality and versatility. In this article, we'll compare two of their notable offerings, the Keychron C1 and the Keychron V3. While these keyboards share some similarities, they also have distinct features that set them apart. Let's delve into the details and explore their similarities and differences.


Both the Keychron C1 Pro and Keychron V3 exhibit some common features, making them appealing choices for mechanical keyboard enthusiasts. Here are the similarities:

Wired Connectivity: Both keyboards use a wired USB connection, ensuring a reliable and stable connection to your devices.

QMK/VIA Support: QMK and VIA firmware support provides users with extensive customization options. You can create personalized key mappings and macros, tailoring the keyboard to your specific needs.


While sharing a similar foundation, the Keychron C1 Pro and Keychron V3 differentiate themselves in several key aspects. Let's explore their differences:

Variants: It's important to consider the available variants for each keyboard model. The Keychron C1 Pro is only available in a preassembled version, which means it comes fully assembled and ready to use out of the box. On the other hand, the Keychron V3 offers more options. It comes in four variants: fully assembled with or without the knob version, and barebone with or without the knob version. This provides users with more flexibility in choosing the specific configuration that suits their needs and preferences.

Switch Options: The Keychron V3 offers a broader range of switch options compared to the C1 Pro. While the C1 Pro is limited to K Pro Red and Brown switch options, the V3 expands the choices by including the Blue switch option. This allows users to select their preferred switch type based on tactile feedback, actuation force, and noise levels.

Knob Version: Keychron's V3 keyboard includes a knob version, which adds an extra layer of functionality. The knob can be programmed for various purposes, such as volume control, scrolling, or media playback. Unfortunately, the C1 Pro does not have a knob version, which may be a deciding factor for users seeking additional control options.

Keycap Profiles and Switches: It's important to note that the information regarding keycap profiles and switch options mentioned earlier applies to the prebuilt versions of these keyboards. Both the Keychron C1 Pro and Keychron V3 are hot-swappable, allowing you to easily replace the switches with your preferred ones. This provides flexibility in customizing the typing experience to your liking. The preassembled version of the Keychron V3 comes with OSA Profile Double-shot PBT Keycaps known for their durable construction and comfortable feel. On the other hand, the Keychron C1 Pro comes with PBT OEM Profile keycaps. The OEM profile is a popular keycap profile known for its sculpted shape and comfortable typing experience. It's important to consider whether you prefer the OSA profile or the more traditional OEM profile when making your decision.

Color Options: The Keychron V3 offers two color options: Carbon Black and Frosted Black (Translucent). On the other hand, the Keychron C1 Pro is available in only one color, Black.


When choosing between the Keychron C1 and Keychron V3, it's essential to consider your specific requirements and preferences. While they both offer a tenkeyless layout, wired connectivity, and QMK/VIA support, they differ in terms of switch options, the presence of a knob version, keycap profiles, and color options.

It's important to note that both the Keychron C1 Pro and Keychron V3 keyboards are hot-swappable, allowing you to replace the switches and keycaps to suit your preferences and further customize your typing experience. The Keychron V3 provides a wider range of switch options, including the Blue switch, which may be advantageous for those seeking different typing characteristics. Additionally, the presence of a knob version in the Keychron.

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