Why the Logitech MX Ergo mouse might not be for you?

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The Logitech MX Ergo is a comfortable and ergonomic trackball mouse that offers a unique design for those seeking a different input experience. While it has its merits, there are a few drawbacks that need to be considered.

Comfort and Ergonomics

MX Ergo excels in comfort and ergonomic design. The trackball design allows for a more relaxed hand position, reducing strain and fatigue during long periods of use. The adjustable tilt angle also adds to the ergonomics, providing users with the flexibility to find their preferred hand position.

Button Functionality and Software Reliance

Reliance on Logitech Options + App for Button Functionality

One of the downsides of the MX Ergo is its reliance on the Logitech Options + app for full button functionality and customization. Without the app installed and running, the configured button mappings may not work as intended or may not function at all. This can be a potential inconvenience for users who prefer a more streamlined experience and expect all buttons to work out of the box without additional software. It's worth noting that this issue has been reported primarily on Mac systems, indicating that it may be a compatibility or software-related concern specific to that platform.

Unconventional Button Placement

Placement of Back and Forth Buttons

Unlike traditional mice where these buttons are usually located near the thumb, the MX Ergo positions them within reach of the index finger. While this may offer a fresh approach to button placement, it deviates from the standard and might take some getting used to for users accustomed to thumb-operated buttons.

Scrolling Functionality

Horizontal and Vertical scroll

The MX Ergo features a basic scroll wheel that may not meet the expectations of users who rely on quick and precise scrolling. Disappointingly, it does not include the popular "mag scroll" feature, which enables hyper-fast scrolling with a flick of the wheel.

The MX Ergo offers flexible horizontal scrolling functionality by allowing users to tilt the scroll wheel left or right to navigate horizontally. This design choice eliminates the need for dedicated horizontal scroll wheels or buttons and enhances the user experience when browsing documents or web pages. While this approach may be convenient for some users who appreciate the versatility, it's worth noting that others may prefer a dedicated horizontal scroll wheel, usually located near the thumb, for more precise control over horizontal navigation. This design my also be the reason for a missing "mag scroll" functionality.

USB Connections

The old Micro USB

It's important to note that the MX Ergo still utilizes a micro USB port for charging instead of the more modern USB-C standard. While this may be seen as a downside in terms of compatibility and convenience, it is worth mentioning that the MX Ergo's impressive battery life reduces the frequency of necessary charging, mitigating the impact of the micro USB connection.

Software Compatibility Issues

Logitech Options + App Compatibility Challenges In terms of software, some users have reported compatibility issues with the Logitech Options + app on certain Mac systems. Instances of the app crashing or failing to detect the MX Ergo have been reported, which can hinder the full functionality and customization of the mouse. It is advisable to ensure that the Logitech Options app is up to date and compatible with your specific Mac model to minimize any potential software-related complications.


Overall, the Logitech MX Ergo offers a comfortable and ergonomic trackball mouse experience. While the reliance on external software for full button functionality, unconventional button placement, the absence of the "mag scroll" feature, and the use of a micro USB port for charging may present limitations, its superior comfort, adjustable tilt angle, intuitive horizontal scrolling, and impressive battery

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