The Bat Wing Eyeliner Look: A Simple Step-by-Step Guide

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Discover the best techniques for applying this striking new twist on the traditional winged eyeliner.

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A popular, adaptable makeup style, bat wing eyeliner can be worn to the workplace with ease or, with some skill, transformed into a full-on glam Halloween head-turner. The finished look's shape, which has a soaring bend akin to a bat's wing, is described as having a "bat wing" appearance.

It was developed by celebrity cosmetic artist Katie Jane Hughes, and people with hooded eyes respond best to it. They might have trouble pulling off the conventional liner look because the wing might end up getting buried in the crease. To carve out the wing and give hooded eyes the look of a slightly elevated cat eye, the batwing eyeliner's prominent c-notch is really helpful.

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With bat wing eyeliner, the eyes appear wide-eyed while highlighting their natural form. For an easy-to-follow, thorough explanation of the bat wing eyeliner, keep reading the article.

How to Apply Bat Wing Eyeliner?

The bat wing eyeliner is a contact special from traditional eyeliner patterns that you can also be acquainted with. Despite their similarities, there are some simple distinctions between the cat-eye liner and the bat wing liner. In distinction to the straight line that a cat-eye liner varieties from the outer nook to the internal nook of the eye, a bat-wing liner rotates and glides down from the crease in a c-shape to meet the lash line.

It’s a greater daring choice to the trendy liner and is less difficult to follow to hooded lids than a cat eye. So, if you desire to grasp this special technique, here’s a step-by-step tutorial you can attempt out.

**The Bat Wing Eyeliner Look in Just 6 Simple Steps ** **Step 1: prepare your eyelids. ** To assist create a smooth, even canvas for your gorgeous eyeliner look, apply eyeshadow primer to your eyelids. By avoiding early fading or smearing, it will also aid in the preservation of your liner.

**Step 2: Apply a little powder to set the primer. ** Add some translucent or compact loose powder to the primer to set it. For optimal results, pick a powder that complements your skin tone. Your eyeliner won't smudge or migrate onto your lid or brow bone thanks to the powder.

**Step 3: Create a rough sketch of the design you prefer. ** Make a dotted line representing the batwing with a pencil. Because they are more flexible, pencil liners can simply glide over your eyelids. If you want to create a unique graphic wing that is inspired by Batman, this will let you effectively communicate your vision.

**Step 4: Write The Outline ** Draw thin, symmetrical lines across your eyelid using your preferred eyeliner. There is less room for error if you only create the outline. Since the lines will be thin, you may easily fix any errors and smudges without affecting the overall appearance.

**Step 5: Complete It ** Once you've finished with the outline, fill in the remaining areas of the design. To stop the eyeliner from running, avoid using too much product.

**Step 6: Correct any smudges or stray lines ** If your eyeliner does not appear perfect right away, don't be concerned. To eliminate any angles and achieve a clean, even finish, dab a cotton swab in makeup remover or dab an eyeshadow brush with concealer. A softer appearance can be achieved by blending the c-notch into your crease with an eye shadow brush dipped in the same shade as the one you used for the sketch. It can be challenging to apply liquid eyeliner immediately, though. Check out this simple method if you want to apply the bat wing eyeliner correctly but aren't sure where to start or if you're just searching for a more direct method.

Beginner's Guide To Bat Wing Eyeliner

If you are a beginner, go with coloured eyeshadow or eye pencil to draw the wing because they are more forgiving than liquid eyeliner. This will give you the opportunity to learn from your mistakes before creating the wing of your dreams.

Make a dramatic wing by angling some cosmetic or Scotch tape underneath your bottom lashes. Next, using your eyeliner pencil, trace around the tape's edge. From the outer wing's tip towards the inner corner of your eyes, draw a second line. The bat wing eyeliner is here to save the day if you have hooded eyes and have been hunting for a winged appearance that would beautifully fit your eyes.

Hooded eyes with bat wing eyeliner

Hooded eyes are an eye shape where the eyelids, but not the actual eye, are covered by additional skin and soft tissue around the brow. Applying a typical winged eyeliner to hooded eyelids may result in the wing becoming lost in the crease.

This issue can be solved by using bat wing eyeliner. It can also be used to achieve a cat-eye effect for hooded eyes. It produces a sharp, defined wing that keeps its shape.

Start by drawing the inner and outer corners of the eyes with a brown or black pencil. To draw a smooth line, use minimal pressure and even pencil application. Make two or three ragged, irregular c-shaped notches parallel to the line that resemble bat wings. To complete the look, use mascara and some shimmer eyeshadow after this. Double eyelids with bat wing eyeliner Double eyelids are nothing more than arc-shaped folds in your eyelid skin. Their upper eyelid crease is very obvious since they do not have additional skin and fat around the eyes like hooded eyelids do.

If there is a lot of visible space between your eyebrows and eyes, you can experiment with several different bat wing eyeliner styles.

Since the space between your eyelids is unrestricted, try bringing your eyeliner into your crease for a distinctive bat-wing appearance. To intensify the effect, use some glitter liner above your crease to draw attention to the wing. Haircutting is the foundation of the salon business. We offer you with best hair services, transforming your look and making sure that you are looking stunningly pretty

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