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1. Air Astra

c Air Astra was a new concept in Bangladeshi aviation. It will start its services in January 2022. Air Astra will fly its ATR 72-606 fleet of aircraft to seven Indian cities.

Air Astra could only operate domestic routes in the first year. Air Astra couldn't operate international services before January 2023.

2. Air Astra Reservations

a. Air Astra Booking Number

+30 2310 489 391.

3. Air Astra Facilities

It is possible to order drinks or food.

4. Air Astra Popular Destinations and Hubs

Air Astra won't reveal their destinations yet.

5. Air Astra Boarding Pass and Check-in Pass

b Register Online

Information about checking in online is not yet available.

Online check in is possible. Your boarding passes will be available once you have completed the online registration.

Check into the airport

Alternative Airlines recommends domestic and international passengers to check-in at airports at least two hours before departing.

To ensure a smooth check-in at the airport, bring all of your travel documents. Checkin is available at the departures board.

6. Air Astra Policies

a.Baggage Policy & Fees

Carry-On Baggage

Before the launch date, carry-on luggage is allowed on board the airline.

For security reasons, carry-on bags must fit under the seats as much as the overhead lockers. These items will have to be checked at airport.

Any liquids greater than 100ml will be confiscated.

Checked Baggage

The due date for checking luggage is closer.

Maximum weight for checked baggage is 32kg (or 70 lbs). Cargo less than 32kg or 70 lbs can still count. m

b. Pet Policy

The cabin can only be used by pets and cats below 6kg*

Air Austral forbids other animals to be carried in the baggage.

An animal that is flying cannot be removed from its enclosure.

C. Cancellation and Refund Policy

Refunds are subject to the airline's cancellation policy. Astra Travel cannot refund the convenience fee that was paid at booking.

To initiate a refund, you must notify the airline immediately.

Refunds are made to the account through which payment was made. Astra Travel will cancel debits taken from credit cards or debit card accounts once the transaction is processed.

For tickets that were partially used, you can cancel the order or get a refund.

Astra Travel customers have the option to contact Astra Travel by email, phone, or using the number on their app or website.

Policies on refunds: Astra Travel informs both suppliers and airlines about Astra Travel's policy regarding refunds.

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