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1.About Air Asia X

v AirAsia also has subsidiaries in Indonesia AirAsia, and Indonesia AirAsia.

AirAsia X began in 2001.

2. Air Asia Reserving Airline tickets X

a.Air Asia Booking Number

080 4666 2222

3. Air Asia X Facilities

AirAsia X Berhad/AirAsia X are both short- and long haul airlines.

Premium flatbeds come with adjustable headrests and personal comforts like tray tables or drink holders. Premium seats come with Priority Boarding and Pick-A Seat Priority Check In.

AirAsia X has a new "Quiet Zone" long-haul cabin. It is now in its seventh year. AirAsia X Group was awarded 2,893 All stars from 23 countries.

Malaysian sister airline Malaysian diet is found here.

Entertainment in flight – The Xcite Tab is preloaded with six hours battery life and can be used with any AirAsia X plane, except flights to New Zealand or Nepal.

Flight catering: Akrasia is well-known for its wide variety of Asian and international cuisines.

4. Air Asia X Popular Destinations and Hub

These routes are part the airline's aggressive expansion strategy. The airline will operate 13 routes in the next year, including Sydney (New Delhi), Seoul Tokyo Tokyo, Tokyo, and Sapporo.

AAX will offer services to Melbourne (via Sydney), Tullamarine, and Perth (via Sydney) by November. b

5. Air Asia X Check-In and Boarding Pass

To verify your account, you will need the following details:

Check-in is possible up until four hours before departure and seven days before departure.

If you are planning to travel abroad, it is important to check your Web/Kiosk passport at Self-Check in. You must have stamped proof that your ticket is valid before it will be valid.

You must comply with the AirAsia Terms and Conditions of Carriage Articles 6. ("Document Alert") & HTML6.5 ("Travel Documents")

Traveling with people with special needs is not possible. This is true for pregnant women as well as children.

Check in before you go through security screenings.

6.Air Asia X Policies


a. Baggage Policy

A passenger may only bring one bag. Your luggage should be large enough to fit in the overhead bin, or as required by regulations.

  • The maximum dimensions of carry-on luggage for women are 22"x14",x9",/56cm/36cm/23cm.

  • Carry-on bags can only weigh 7kg/15 lbs

Bulkhead seats don't have storage underneath for easy landings or take-offs.

b. Pet Policy

AirAsia X bans the boarding of pets or animals.

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