Drupal - Adding a Views page as a node tab

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Sat, 12/05/2020 - 20:15

When creating custom pages using views we might need to add them as tab to a node view for better accessibility. Here are two ways this can be implemented.

Option 1 - Configure Views page menu

Configure the menu settings for view

  • go to PAGE Settings -> Menu
  • Select Menu Type = Tab. Parent can be any menu

Pros: defined menu inside the View page. Cons: You must define your view path as node/%node/..., otherwise it wont work.

Option 2- Define tab using YAML configuration

This can be define inside the file names mymodule.links.task.yml, where mymodule is your module name. Inside the file define a tab configuration

  route_name: view.my_view.page_1
  base_route: entity.node.canonical
  title: My Tab Title
  weight: 10

In th configuration above

  • node.my_custom_tab is the identifier of the tab link.
  • route_name is the endentifier of the Views page. The format for views is view.<view name>.<page mane>.
  • base_route is how we specify to Drupal to on which pagers to show the tab.

Pros: You can name your module path anything you want. Cons: Your are going to have to create a module in order to define tab configuration.

Generally this is. better approach. Also when using Views you probably want to use a feature to hold your view. So creating a module is already done when defining a module as a feature.

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