Things You Need to Know About Conference Tables

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Fri, 09/23/2022 - 03:55

Conference tables are common modern office supplies. Generally, solid wood spray paint is used, an imported cherry veneer is used for the veneer, environmentally friendly base material, imported PU high-grade polyester paint, and imported high-quality hardware. The conference table is divided into an ordinary small conference table and a large conference table.

Three Selection Steps of Conference Table

1. Position

The positioning of the conference table is based on the size, image, and qualifications of the company. If the company is a large company and has good qualifications, then the positioning of the company's conference table is a high-end conference table. If the company is small and has not yet had a certain scale and qualification at the beginning of its development, then it can be appropriate to choose a mid-to-low-end conference table.

2. Size

The size of the conference table is determined according to the size data of the conference room. For example, if the conference room area is large, you can choose a larger size conference table, which not only uses the space but also highlights the atmosphere of the conference room. If the conference room is small, then a smaller conference table can be appropriately selected.

3. Material

After the positioning of the conference table is done, the material of the conference table can be selected. The conventional materials of the conference table are solid wood conference tables, artificial board conference tables, and steel conference tables. According to the surface material, the conference table can be divided into painted conference tables, board conference tables, and steel conference tables. High-end conference tables are generally solid wood conference tables and painted conference tables, artificial board conference tables and panel conference tables, and low-end conference tables are steel conference tables.

Usual Maintenance

  1. If the desktop is stained with dust, first remove the dust with a feather broom, and then wipe it with a clean rag.
  2. For normal maintenance, use a clean rag that is not easy to remove hair, soak it in water and wring it out and wipe it. Try to avoid using a too hard or rough cloth or dirty cloth to prevent damage to the surface of the product.


  1. Because the conference table is made of veneer, it is a natural product, and the color of the products delivered in different batches will be slightly different.
  2. Try to avoid the use of oily furniture brighteners, which are prone to chemical changes and cause desktop whitening. When the desktop is whitened, it should be returned to the factory for repair.
  3. If the tabletop is stained with oil stains, it can be wiped with the general cleaning agent. Try to avoid wiping with products with the high volatility of stain removal oils.
  4. In order to keep the coating film intact, plastic pads should be avoided as far as possible on the desktop.
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