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1.About Air Arabia Maroc

m Air Arabia (Maroc), is a joint venture that is part of Air Arabia Group. The airline is dedicated to providing affordable, reliable and comfortable air travel.

2. Air Arabia Maroc: Reservations

a. Air Arabia Maroc Booking Number

Book an Air Arabia Maroc Flight.

Economy Class

Economy-class seats can also be laid in 3-by-3 layouts. More legroom is possible with larger seating.

3.Air Arabia Maroc Facilities

Sky Cafe serves hot and cold beverages to its passengers. Sky Mall sells a wide range of gifts, including jewellery and perfumes.

The airline offers entertainment in flight. Passengers without any content may also have access to a magazine from the cockpit.


4.Popular Destinations in Air Arabia Maroc and Hub

j You can travel domestically and internationally from it. Rabat. Agadir. Tangier.

hubs refers to the United Arab Emirates (or Egypt) of Morocco or Egypt.

5. Check in and Boarding Pass

Air Arabia Maroc Passengers may print their boarding pass using their PNR number. You'll then need to complete an online Check In to receive your boarding tickets via email.

6.Air Arabia Maroc Policy

a. Baggage Policy & Fees

Air Arabia charges you only for any baggage that you bring. This can be done when booking or changing a flight.

Air Arabia permits hand baggage of up to 10 kg g

b. Pet Policies

Animals are not permitted to enter the cabins, or the hold except in the following circumstances.

Containers for food and beverages can be delivered to

Domestic flights are $125 for pets such as cats and dogs. For travel to the United States, a $200 surcharge will be charged.

Pets should be transported in a pet carrier that allows for space under the front seats. Air Arabia Maroc considers such carriers part of their carry-on luggage.

Air Arabia Maroc Carry-On and Air Arabia Morocco Prohibited Products

c. Cancellation and refund policy

Air Arabia Maroc ranks as the best Moroccan airline. They have many international and domestic flight options.

Air Arabia Maroc customer support can assist you with changing your flights.

Cancellation within 24-hours Policy. This policy varies depending on the country of origin and airline.

Air Arabia Maroc offers 24-hour cancellation service that is specifically tailored to passenger's needs.

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