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Switching on the Machine

Press on one of the buttons or open the slider. If the machine has not been used for more than 9 minutes it will enter sleep mode

Pre Heating Phase

During the pre heating phase a button will blink for the first 25 seconds

Cup selection

The U machine will anticipate your cup selection based ion the previous 11 coffees consumed

How to modify your desired cup volume?

There are 3 cup settings

  • Lungo (The biggest button)
  • Espresso (The medium button)
  • Ristretto (The smallest button)

To modify

  • press the button of your choice
  • insert a capsule
  • close the slider. The flow will start automatically.
  • During the flow phase you can change the cup volume by pressing the preferred button
  • You can stop the flow at any time by slighly opening the slider. the capsule will be ejected after 4 seconds.
  • Before it is ejected you can manually increase your cup volume by pressing the button. To stop the flow simply touch the button again.

Cup size Programming

You can program the volume for your Lungo, Espresso and Ristretto.

  • Insert the capsule
  • Press and hold the button of you choice
  • Close the slider
  • As soon as the cup is filled as you desire, release the button
  • Your machine is now programmed

Upward flashing of buttons

If you machine button are flashing in upward motion, or from smallest to biggest button your water thanks is empty

Downward flashing of buttons

If you machine button are flashing in Downward motion, or from biggest to the smallest button the used capsule container is full.

The 3 buttons flashing simultaneously

When 3 buttons are flashing simultaneously, this mean that descaling mode is activated. TO exit the cycle simple press and hold the 3 buttons simultaneously for 3 second.

Rising the flow system

After using your machine for the last time, simply let a cup of water without a capsule flow through in order to wash away any residue left in the flow system.

Descaling your machine

To maintain the optimum temperature and the quality of your Espresso, descale the machine regularly. Do not use vinegar as it may damage the connections of your machine. It is recommended to use the Nespresso descaling solution specifically designed for your machine.

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