Welcome to GistShare, a venue for sharing notes, tips, ideas principles, and more. We believe that knowledge should be shared in a simple manner, without noise around the subject. In the world of today where time is priceless, we want to get straight to the point when sharing information. 

How to share? 

Ideally, you want others to consume your note in less than 5 minutes. 

Why notes?

We prefer the term note. In comparison to a blog post or articles, notes are short and contain the essence of the subject it is about. We also like notes because we want to offer everyone the change to bring some value. Not everyone is skilled to write well-structured and formatted articles. However, everyone has some value to add, and there is no structure or format required when creating notes. We just write down what is important.

Why not question and answer?

There are many good Q&A platforms out there. We do not intend to be one. We do not want to wait for questions to be asked before answers are given. We want answers before the question is asked.  


That is all about us. Share what you know, but keep it simple.


Share something today.